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Bond Logistics Park (BLP)

The airport Bond Logistics Park is a Customs Bond Area linked with the apron. The total planned area is 3 million square meters (3,000,000 M2). The current airport Cargo Terminal is 5,000 square meters. The extension of 100,000 square meters Customs Bond Warehouse is under construction.

International logistics and trading companies can operate Customs Bond Warehouse by either leasing or ownership model.

Cargo stored in the Customs Bond Warehouse has NO time limitation and is treated as outside the boundary of EU or Germany. Tax or duties will not be applied if cargo is purposed to be transit to other countries or Bond Zones. Import procedures will be required and tax & duty will be applied only when cargo need to enter into Germany or other EU countries. Cargo transit to other countries or Bond Zones via the Customs Bond Warehouse in Parchim International Airport is exempted for import procedures.

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