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Parchim Bond Business Park, adjacent to Parchim International Airport, covering 100 hectares developed land and 230 hectares reserve land, consists of Bond Logistics Park, Bond Industrial Park, Bond Trading & Procurement Center, Asia Center and Business Cooperation Zone.

The five major business parks form a complete industrial chain, supporting and supplementing each other. International market oriented, they provide an innovative bond business service model, which integrates science & research, education training, procurement, manufacture, processing, exhibition and sales, and provides them with logistics, finance and insurance support. Your success is much more assured here with diversified cooperation options, great development potential, favorable investment policies, considerate service and absolute truthfulness.

The Bond Logistics Park, contracted by the world 2nd largest industrial real estate developer Goodman Group, has started its first stage planning and construction of 100,000 warehousing facilities, to welcome the first entering enterprises.We look forward to building the future with you.

                                                                                                Phase I Planning of PIA

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