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By precise industry orientation, scientific programming, favorable incentive policies, perfect management, supportive services and graceful environment, Parchim Business Park is going to congregate projects, funds, talents and technology so as to achieve economies of scale and create a comparatively integrated industrial cluster, providing the best development opportunity and platform for stationed enterprises.



Parchim Business Park provides friendly environment for air transportation, road transportation, storage, loading and unloading and other transportation service.
Renewable Energy and Resources (RER)
Germany RER Industry has been in world's leading position, solar/light energy, geothermal resource, biofuel, generating energy from solid waste, wind power generation, energy efficiency, biological plastics/ chemicals etc are all suitable for Parchim Business Park. Meanwhile, RER Industry is a key industry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Medical Device and Material Industry 
Taking advantage of German technology, develop medical products that best meet market demands, including medical diagnosis, guardianship and treatment plant manufacture.
Food Processing
Food Processing, as an important component of nutrition industry which is on top of development scheme of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is meant to play a significant role in Parchim Business Park. Non-staple-food processing and beverage industry have great potential.
Light Textile Industry
Post processing in rag trade and shoes industry.
Electronic Industry
IT communication, System Integration, software research and development and application service.
Automotive Industry
Cooperating with well-known German automobile enterprises in design, development, manufacture and assembly.
Real Estate Development
Developing and constructing industrial, commercial real estate and other infrastructures in Parchim Business Park.
Navigation Industry
Navigation related industry, such as manufacturing and assembling aircraft parts, maintaining aircrafts.
Service Industry
Tourism, hotel, advertisement, retail, consultancy, financial service etc.
Education & Training


 Flight training, scientific research and development and other related education industry.
Exhibition Industry
Commodity exhibition, marketing, promotion and other business activities like trade negotiation and communication among enterprises.
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