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Declaration: The answers provided here is not applicable to specific cases but common information, and thus under no circumstances should they be taken as tailored consultation for any business decision; if you make business decision with part of the information contained in the answers but without our learning about and analyzing the case, you should bear all consequences thereof.

1.Q: What’s the cooperation between LinkGlobal International Logistics Group and Goodman Group about?

A: On the one hand, LinkGlobal is the sole owner of PIA and the attached land, service provider of international logistics and air transportation, user of logistics facilities. On the other hand, Goodman Group is the world 2nd largest real estate developer and largest industrial real estate developer, who manages a substantial amount of funds, mainly for specialized property development. In fact, LinkGlobal and many of its partners are all Goodman’s customers. Goodman has purchased 53 hectare of land from LinkGlobal for Phase I. construction of factory facilities, logistic warehousing facilities, office spaces, etc., to match functionally with PIA.

2.Q: What’s the cooperation between LinkGlobal International Logistics Group and Nanjing Hi-Tech Zone about?

A: Nanjing Hi-Tech Zone will be responsible for master planning, development and construction of Parchim Business Park. Further, it will operate the business park as well as invite investment, leading Chinese industries to go global while bringing in advanced technology from Germany and Europe. It will set up Nanjing Hi-Tech Subzone in Parchim Business Park.

3.Q: What do we set up factories in Parchim Business Park for?

A: Based on years of practical experience, Parchim Business Park is a cluster of complete industrial chains and supply chains with versatile functions that go with each other. With “Made in China” taking up more and more market shares, many countries have raised trade barriers against “Made in China”. Setting up factories in Parchim Business Park enables “Made in China” turn to “Made in Germany”, which benefits:

1. Bypass trade barriers;

2. Add value to produces.

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