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Declaration: The answers provided here is not applicable to specific cases but common information, and thus under no circumstances should they be taken as tailored consultation for any business decision; if you make business decision with part of the information contained in the answers but without our learning about and analyzing the case, you should bear all consequences thereof.

4.Q: Why does LinkGlobal Group bring forth the idea of Rail-Air Through-Transport model?
A: Aviation oil price soaring compresses manufacturers’ profit margins, whereas on the one hand, Rail-Air Through-Transport costs 35% less than air transport, and on the other hand, the port to port transport time can be limited to 5 days by means of speed acceleration of railway, special express train, and customs supervised container, etc.

5.Q: What’s the advantage of Bond Warehousing?
A: Bond Warehousing can save cash flow in that import duties and VAT will not be applied until cargos move out of the bond warehouses. At the same time, commodities under bond warehousing can be exhibited without time limit and with no need of application to the German government.

6.Q: How to register business in Parchim Business Park?
A: On behalf of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Schwerin City (IHK Scherin), the Parchim Business Park management company will provide interested enterprises with consultant services and assistance.

7.Q: How to get to PIA for business review?
A: IHK Schwerin or Baltic Airport Mecklenburg GmbH (BAM) will send to you an invitation letter for business review, with which you can apply for a European Schengen Visa (ESV) at Germany Embassy or Consulate. Parchim is fairly accessible from Berlin, Hamburg and all North European countries.

8.Q:Who can have right to invest or establish a business in Germany?
A: Anyone can establish a business in Germany – irrespective of nationality or place of residence.

9.Q:If a foreigner wants to invest in Germany, is there requirement for a German shareholder to have minimum percentage shareholdings?
A:There is no a minimum percentage of German shareholdings required for foreign investments within Germany.

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