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The state of Mecklenburg, where PIA and the business park is situated, is a precious “Land of Policies”, where investors may enjoy plentiful special incentive policies, ranging from grants, tax preferences and low-interest loans, etc. LinkGlobal has been close with the local government through the Parchim Project. We will spare no effort in helping investors get the most preferable policies and get their investment paid.

Type of economy promotional policy

→Economy promotional policy – EU

Economy promotional policy – Germany

Economy promotional policy –Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

One of above economy promotional policy can be applied. Upon the approval of the project, a work team formed by multi-party will facilitate the investor on which type of promotional policy is suitable.

Effective from 2007, highest investment subside rate to each level of enterprise is:

Large-size enterprise:      30%

Middle-size enterprise:     40%

Small-size enterprise:      50%

Subside rate will be reduced towards macro investment:


Between EU$50M – EU$100M: 50%

Above EU$100M: 66%

Definition of enterprise scale


Ultra small size enterprise : number of staff < 10, annual turnover / planned turnover < EU$2M

Small size enterprise : number of staff < 50, annual turnover / planned turnover < EU$10M

Medium size enterprise : number of staff < 250, annual turnover / planned turnover t < EU$2M

Macro size enterprise: figure is bigger than the definition of medium size enterprise

The pre-conditions for economy promotion policies:

Increase at least 15% of regular work force (within 5 years), subside of EU$80,000 will be applied for each increased regular job.

The investor qualified for government subsides, shall invest at least 25% of total investment value from its own investment capital. The lowest investor capital shall not include any form of government subside, or any low-interest commercial loan or government guaranteed commercial loan with any nature of government subsides.

Applicability of economy promotional policies:


Fixed asset under object capital, new purchased asset or production capital. Purchase of intangible asset is not applicable for subsidies.

Salary related expensed for new added job will be reimbursed for two (2) years.

Scope for not applicable to the economy promotion policies:

Investment for the purchase of substitute asset

Purchase or production cost for van, pick-up, truck, bus or other vehicle allowed for road transportation and aircraft, vessel and rail vehicles.

Other commercial asset

The items which already applied to subsidies at the time enterprises setting up

Industries for not applicable to the economic promotion policies:

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and non-production & trade

Solid mineral exploration, sand mining, rock mining and other preliminary product manufacturing

Electricity supply and water supply (except for investment on self use electricity and water supply)

Civil construction

Retail (except for mail sales)

Transportation, warehousing (logistics industry not included)

Hospital, clinic, resorts and others alike

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