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Two-way Acceleration of Bonded Centers in the Logistics Empire is on Schedule

This time, Mr. Pang Yuliang played the role of an active marketer, which is very different from his usual image.

Through his efforts, Zhengzhou Bonded Logistics Center in China and Parchim Airport Industrial Park in Germany will interact with each other, forming a bridge linking logistics industry home and abroad.

"This road show not only put a perfect stop to the promotion, but also opened a new era of logistics and transport." the chairman of LinkGlobal International Logistics Group (hereinafter referred to as LinkGlobal Group) Mr. Pang Yuliang disclosed on April 19, after the end of "PIA & Bonded Business Park's Road Show in China".

"The logistics route of Rail-Air Multimode Transport, which we’ve already waited for 3 years, will be officially opened by the end of May. Through Rail-Air Multimode Transport, it takes 3 days at most to deliver the export goods to the hands of people around the world” Mr. Pang Yuliang said.

Logistics being the match-maker

At present, logistics is not only running with time, but competing in transport cost.


Rail & air multi-mode transport makes use of the advantages of rail and air. According to estimation, Rail & air multi-mode transport will cause logistics cost of China’s import and export enterprises to drop 35%.


“Now plan of special container train from Zhengzhou to Urumqi has been listed on the work schedule; provided that the line is unobstructed, the containerized freight can reach Urumqi in 48 hours.” said by staff of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd Zhengzhou Branch.


“Rail & air multi-mode transport has attracted attention of export-oriented enterprises” LinkGlobal Zhang Xuechen said. Through match making by logistics, LinkGlobal gets contacts from many more clients, including some international and national famous enterprises.


Representative of the German company SmartFashion said, the company is specialized in textile logistics and has joined in Parchim Bonded Business Park. They Come to China in the hope to find business partners in the field of textile and clothing through the road show.


Active Marketing


Relevant to his usual image--low-key and prudent, always trying to hide any of his trace, Pang Yuliang made a great difference this time that he not only made a high-profile appearance and gave a speech, but also played the role of an active marketer.


During the road show which lasted for more than 10 days, the most frequent statement in Pang’s speech was “to build factories abroad, to build factories in Parchim airport bonded industrial park.”


China’s export-oriented enterprises such as those in the textile industry, food processing and manufacturing can build factories in Parchim airport bonded industrial park. The products will be labeled ‘made in Germany’ so that they become free from any tariff restrictions and can go around the world smoothly.” Pang introduced.


He said logistics for goods requires not only the support of stable airlines and financial strength, but also the participation of domestic and foreign enterprises. It was easy to see that behind the hard sell of Pang stood a capital crocodile--the world's second largest property developer Goodman Group from Australia.


On April 7, LinkGlobal Group and Goodman Group signed a global strategic cooperation agreement and started airport development and construction in full scale. 16,400,000 euros is invested to build 100,000 square meters of factories and warehouses in Parchim airport bonded parks in the 1st stage. In addition, Goodman Group will set up a special fund of 120,000,000 euros for LinkGlobal’s logistics projects around the world, including the Zhengzhou airport project.

"Sufficient inpouring funds are bound to boost the development of the province’s logistics industry into the fast lane."  Deputy General Manager of Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Development Co., Ltd Guan Jian Said.

Cooperation between inside and outside

“Bonded logistics center will perform as a communication media between export-oriented enterprises and government; it will provide better service to exporters and importers in the province.” Guan Jian said.

“The establishment of Henan Bonded Logistics Center will not only simplify entry for local enterprises, but enterprises can also get relevant preferential policies.” Guan Jian explained the advantages of enterprises’ joining in the bonded logistics center.


Despite the fairly long distance between Zhengzhou and Parchim, the beautiful blueprint of “get to Germany by special flight, with EU two steps away” has been embedded in Pang’s Mind for a long time.


Pang said: “Zhengzhou bonded logistics center and Parchim airport bonded industrial park will interact with each other, being a bridge that links logistics industry home and abroad; at the same time, they are the two hands of foreign trade, one takes care of the domestic market, and the other the oversea market.”


It is reported that Sino- Germany bilateral trade volume was 94.11 billion USD in 2007, 20.4% higher than the previous year. Air cargo from China to Europe is in great demand and increases steadily.


Without doubt, if the Zhengzhou bonded logistics center gets officially approved, the two parties in a foreign trade will be in the same dominant position in the Sino-EU free trade zone. The bonded logistics center not only plays the role of a marketer of trade cooperation, but also serves as a channel for two-way communication and frontier of cooperation between China and EU.


Journalist: Li Ting



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