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Nanjing-Yinchuan-Parchim Airport generate Sino-German logistics chain by air

Business & Trade Administration Department of Ningxia Government together with Nanjing High-tech Industrial Park and Linkglobal International Co. Ltd. negotiated from one year ago and went to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation in October 28, 2008. The Memo is going to announce joint constructions of Ningxia International Air Logistics Center, which is Nanjing High-tech Airport Industrial Park (Ningxia), and work together to create New Economic Channel between the east and west of China, domestic and overseas of Sino-German, air logistics center and airport industrial park of Ningxia & Nanjing.

Ningxia Air logistics Center is located in southern side towards Yinchuan Hedong Airport (INC)which is ideal connection place to take the East industry transfer to the West of China and also is an important routine point to connect air logistics from outside to inside of Ningxia Province. The center is 4 km2 area, with 4.73 billion RMB investment on development, which capacity and facility will be developed on forwarding of domestic and international air flight, transportation, distribution, bonded warehousing & manufacturing, etc. with one-step and world class services. The Memo also described that the joint construction will be benefit from advantages of Ningxia Air logistics Center, Nanjing High-tech Industrial Park and Linkglobal International Co., Ltd. respectively. Three parties will promote international transportation market between China and Europe; generate Sino-German Logistics Chain by air, via interdependence with Parchim International Airport. Also, Ningxia Government has allocated a piece of land to Nanjing High-tech Industrial Park for its subsidiary.

It is also reported that Ningxia Air Logistics Center has been provided with conditions to receipt factories or companies come in after 6 months constructions on infrastructures.
| Update Time:2008.11.28    Source:Ningxia Daily    Views:1963
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