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Invest in the Bonded Business Park Can Enjoy Preferable Policy

Yesterday, Pang Yuliang, the Chinese who purchased the German Airport of Parchim, together with its cooperative partners inclusive of high level leaders from Goodman Group and Nanjing Hi-Tech Zone, met business players in South China and warmly invited them to bring flow of people and goods to the airport, and moreover, they hope that competitive businesses may invest and start business in the airport bonded business park to “Go Global”.


Acquisition Completed, Operation Started

In May 2007, LinkGlobal successfully purchased Parchim International Airport and its attached Bonded Business Park that covered 850 hectares of land.


On August 22nd of the same year, LinkGlobal and Nanjing Hi-Tech Zone reached an agreement of strategic partnership, jointly planning and operating the airport and its bonded business park to build a public platform for enterprises. They aimed to build a new model of bonded zones with international market demand as orientation, integrating science and research, production, manufacturing, exhibition, training, procurement and sales as a whole, and supporting those functions with logistics, finance, insurance, education, commerce, housing etc. Goods can be exhibited permanently in the bonded park; production, supply and sales can all be done there.


3 days later, LinkGlobal signed with authority of Ningxia Hui

 Autonomous Region a cooperation agreement to found Yinchuan Airport Logistics Park Development Corporation and rebuild infrastructure of Yinchuan Airport, and Ningxia, on the other hand, would build in Parchim International Airport a featured industrial zone of food and finery.


On Semptember 24th, authority of Zhengzhou city signed with LinkGlobal and Parchim Government a cooperation agreement in Germany, undertaking that it would build a Zhengzhou industrial park in Parchim airport bonded park, mainly attracting textile, food and hi-tech industries in Zhengzhou to invest in Parchim.


On April 7th this year, LinkGlobal, Parchim Government and Goodman Group reached intent of strategic cooperation, according to which Goodman would take charge of overall design, construction and investment of the airport and the bonded park and supply personalized service.


The promotion activity in Shenzhen is an important step in their business invitation schedule. According to Pang Yuliang, the whole promotion is jointly sponsored by LinkGlobal, Goodman Group, Nanjing Hi-Tech Zone, Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen City, Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Development Co., Ltd and concerned organizations from Germany. Their road show started from Beijing, followed by Nanjing and Shenzhen, after which there is Urumchi and Yinchuan, each site with different emphasis. And the emphasis for Shenzhen is the airport bonded park.


Build Air Logistics Base for Chinese Airlines in Germany

According to Pang Yuliang, Parchim Airport is right situated between Hamburg and Berlin, with sea port cities Rostock, Wismar and Luebeck within 100 km to the north.


 “After reconstruction, Parchim Airport will be completely competent to be an important portal for passenger and cargo transportation of Berlin, Hamburg and the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. Especially when Hamburg Airport and Berlin Airport reach their capacity, Parchim Airport is hopefully to become their cargo airport”, Pang Yuliang said, after the acquisition, since July last year, LinkGlobal had opened freight airlines from Parchim to Zhengzhou, Urumchi and Shanghai step by step, and it planed to cooperate with Hainan Airlines to open passenger airlines from Parchim to China.


Having worked in Northwest Airlines for 9 years, Pang has a keen sense of logistics cost. Through repeatedly comparison among rail-air, sea-air, air-air and air-rail multimode transport solutions, LinkGlobal figured out a logistics line they thought was the “most convenient and profitable” for Chinese foreign trade companies. A direct special container train is operated each day to carry goods shipped from allover China to and consolidated in Zhengzhou to Urumchi, and then the goods will be loaded onto Urumchi-Parchim wide-body cargo flights. After arrival at Parchim Airport, they will be dispatched to the rest of Europe, South America, Africa and other areas by land, air or sea.


Welcome Shenzhen Enterprises to Invest in Parhim Airport Bonded Park

According to the overall plan of the airport and its bonded park, it will have versatile functional zones as bonded logistic park, bonded industrial park, international expo hall, procurement center and China town. And the land can be purchased and leased as well. Currently, 100 of the land has been ready for business.


As Pang introduced, the industrial park mainly brings in garment, general merchandise, food & drink, home appliance, auto and spare parts, aircraft and spare parts and hi-tech industries. Processing with supplied materials in the industrial park can produce “made in Germany” as long as certain part of the goods is finished locally. The import tariff rate for the goods is that for accessories and the goods are also free from export duties.


Because Parchim is situated in East Germany, businesses investing here can enjoy fairly large amount of subsidy granted by the government. Middle and small scaled enterprises may get subsidy as high as 50% of their expenditure.


                                                                                                                                        Date03-09-2008    FromShenzhen News  

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