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The Bonded Business Park in Germany Will Be Hot in 3 Years

Yesterday, Mr. Pang Yuliang, the chairman of LinkGlobal international logistics Ctd. came to Nanjing to introduce Parchim Airport in Germany, attracting company to the airport bonded area cooperated with the Nanjing High-tech Zone, he said, Nanjing High-tech Zone German Industry and Trade Park will be prosperous within 3 years.


What enterprises are suitable to station in Germany Industrial Park


"Just need to ship semi-finished products to parchim and make simple process, it will be able to affix the 'Made in Germany' label in order to circumvent the trade barriers which 'Made in China' exports often face." This is the temptation Mr. Pang Yuliang showed to the Chinese enterprises.


Pang Yuliang said, textiles, food products, environmental products and other industries had the greatest need to set up in local Europe, since with the changes in RMB exchange rate, as well as the new multiple trade barriers, Chinese exports market to Europe and American is reducing, if set up factories in local Europe directly, it will be able to run its European and American markets.  


In addition, those who need to learn German technology are suitable to station in Germany Industrial Park, such as Germany has the most powerful automotive manufacturing process in the world, if the domestic auto parts enterprises set up factories in Germany, it will be close to BMW, Volkswagen and will be easy to raise the level of their technology.


Of course, domestic enterprises set up in Europe, the biggest fall is the high human cost, so Pang Yuliang proposed only processing the last line in Germany, in order to balance the cost of manpower.


What convenience enterprises can enjoy

The Schwerin Chamber of Commerce said that they will be the same for all enterprises, with the same treatment as local Germany enterprises, the German government has also formulated a series of preferential policies to attract foreign investment, including investment subsidies, the family immigrant, and so on.

"Make the euro"  attracts enterprises in Nanjing

"Our products do not lose to Germany local products, so why not set up in the local to earn the euro." Wu Fen, the Chairman of Nanjing Julong-chemistry company said, in the face of high-tech zones "going out" strategy, enterprises should have "run out" Passion.


The representative of Suzhou food group also expressed their dream of going out. They produce 110,000 tons meat every year, Europe is a big market of meat consumption, they have always wanted to open up this market. To establish local processing plants, not only can bring the domestic meat to European to process and sale, but also can process and sale the animal offal to the domestic, to form a two-way win-win situation.


                                                                                            Date: 03-09-2008| From: Nanjing Daily

| Update Time:2008.11.28    Source:Nanjing Daily    Views:1842
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